The Selling Process

A sometimes difficult decision
The reasons to sell can vary greatly and need to be taken into account before making the final decision. A real estate agent must be considerate and compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable in all the issues that may confront a home seller. Your aim in selling your home is to ensure you get the best price for it that the market will pay. It is very important to remain realistic even though you have an emotional attachment to your home. This is where the services of knowledgeable, reputable agents such as us with our knowledge of the local area, of what's selling and the prices that are being reached, can make selling your home pain free. They can give you an accurate picture of the market which will help you price your property realistically.

Presenting your home
We know what buyers are looking for and can advise you on how best to present your home for sale. We can also tell you when it's worth spending money on repairs and when it's not.

Finding the right agent
A local agent has the best idea of local prices and are available to show potential buyers through. When choosing an agent you want to find one with integrity and ability so that you know that you are getting value for money. Don't just go for the one who gives the highest price, ask for the market opinion to be substantiated.

Why list with our Agency?
We have the latest in sales data to ensure our opinion is backed up in writing for you. Reputation is vital. Word of mouth in any service is so very important. If what you hear about an agent is glowing then talk to them. Having a strong client-agent relationship is very important, after all this person is handling possibly one of the most important transactions of your life.

What method of sale?
In NSW the most common ways of selling a property are 'exclusive agency', (including sale by auction), 'sole agency' and 'open agency'. Under an 'exclusive agency' you appoint one agent to sell your house (although they may agree to liaise with other agents with potential buyers). Your agent devises a marketing plan, organises the inspections and is responsible for reporting back to you. Under a 'sole agency' you still appoint only one agent to sell your house although you, the principal, may sell the property privately without payment of your fee under a 'sole agency'. Under an 'open agency' you appoint a number of real estate agents and only the one that sells it receives the commission. Although this may sound as though you are getting more comprehensive coverage, there are drawbacks. Remember real estate agencies are businesses and that they have to justify the time and effort put into each property. It is possible that this type of listing will not get as much effort put into it as the 'exclusive agency'. Also remember that having more than one "for sale" sign out the front doesn't create a good impression because it makes the property look as though it's difficult to sell.