Market Report 2 November 2021

2nd Nov 2021

Cattle– 1035
Numbers reduced marginally with a good quality offering ,particularly through the weaner and yearling pen-ning. Young cattle were in the majority with very good pens of well bred yearlings, both steers and heifers, along with a good selection of younger weaned cattle. With one exception, all operators were pre-sent and active through a mostly dearer market. Weaners sold to much dearer trends, steers over 800c/kg. The heifer portion also sold strongly to result in substantial rises. Restockers were active through the weaner offering. Yearling steers posted strong gains in all classes, feeders showing significant gains, backgrounders also operating com-petitively. Very heavy yearlings to process also saw strong competi-tion. Similar trends also for the heifer offering ,with the lightweights posting very strong gains. A reduction through some of the heavier drafts, however, saw some of those categories sell to a cheaper trend. Older grown steers sold to cheaper trends. Similar sales for grown heifers, back 4/kg to 11c/kg for the heavy offerings. There was interest in cows back to the paddock, with a mix of quality seeing varied results. Medium weights to process, back 22c/kg. Heavy weights marginally dearer to top at 395c/kg. The best of the bulls to process were slightly dearer, with only a couple of cents in the magin.

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