Market Report 28 November 2023

28th Nov 2023

Cattle– 1232 Inverell numbers increased by 1106 head to 1232 mostly good quality cattle although plainer grades came through with drafts of Bos Indicus types. Weight and quality improved through the heavy yearling steers and heifers to the tra... more details

Market Report 21 November 2023

21st Nov 2023

Cattle– 126 Wide spread rain events through the drawing area reduced the offering to 126 mixed cattle. Not all regular buyers attended those who did pushed market trends to be considerably dearer on all categories.  Weaner steers sold to ... more details

Market Report 14 November 2023

14th Nov 2023

Cattle– 1005 Inverell increased by 500 head to offer 1005 cattle with young cattle dominating although cow numbers also increased. The regular buyers attended to a much dearer market although not all exporters competed through the cow sale.&nb... more details

Market Report 7 November 2023

7th Nov 2023

Cattle– 505 Inverell reduced numbers by 385 to 505 mixed cattle. Less numbers precluded some exporters from competition however other regular operators attended to result in a firm to dearer trend for most categories with an emphasis on yearli... more details

Market Report 31 October 2023

31st Oct 2023

Cattle– 890 Inverell numbers reduced by 384 head to pen 890 mixed cattle in a generally dearer market. Regular exporters feeders and backgrounders in strong competition.  Steer weaners were in strong demand to 30/kg dearer and the heifer ... more details

Market Report 3 October 2023

3rd Oct 2023

Cattle– 1288 There were 142 head less at Inverell to offer 1288 plainer quality cattle. Not all processors attended with restockers and feeder operators competing to varying trends.  Weaners steers under 200kgs lwt sold up to 29c/kg bette... more details

Market Report 26 September 2023

26th Sep 2023

Cattle– 1146 There was a reduction of 393 head at Inverell to offer 1146 fair to good quality cattle. The usual buyers attended with the exception of two export operators. Market trends again were cheaper.  Weaner steers were much cheaper... more details

Market Report 19 September 2023

19th Sep 2023

Cattle– 1539 Inverell numbers increased by 474 to 1539 very mixed cattle with young cattle providing the bulk of the offering. All categories sold to declining trends with  one export buyer absent and the regular backgrounder and feeder o... more details

Market Report 12 September 2023

12th Sep 2023

Cattle– 1065 Inverell penned similar numbers at 1065 head. It was a very mixed quality offering with plainer types in all categories selling to cheaper trends. Conversely better bred weaners and yearlings sold to dearer trends with emphasis on... more details

Market Report 5 September 2023

5th Sep 2023

Cattle– 1076There were similar numbers penned to total 1076 cattle for Inverell. Continuation of dry weather resulted in crop assisted cattle being sold early. Drafts of plainer conditioned young cattle sold under 150c/kg liveweight. One proc... more details

Market Report 29 August 2023

29th Aug 2023

Cattle– 923 Inverell penned 923 head which was 417 cattle less than last sale. Yearling cattle provided the bulk of the penning and there was a good  quality offering of heavy cows. The regular processors attended with all the other feede... more details

Market Report 22 August 2023

22nd Aug 2023

Cattle–  1340 Inverell  penned 1340 mixed cattle reducing by 356 head. Regular buyers attended to a mixed market resulting in weaner steers dearer and the heifers to a cheaper trend. Yearling cattle sold to mixed trends and cows slig... more details

Market Report 15 August 2023

15th Aug 2023

Cattle– 1648 A continuation of the dry weather lifted numbers by 504 head to 1648 cattle at Inverell. There was a good quality offering of medium weight feeder steers. Weaner steers and heifers sold to dearer trends with most regular buyers at... more details

Market Report 8 August 2023

8th Aug 2023

Cattle–  1648 A continuation of the dry weather lifted numbers by 504 head to 1648 cattle at Inverell. There was a good quality offering of medium weight feeder steers. Weaner steers and heifers sold to dearer trends with most regular buy... more details

Market Report 1 August 2023

1st Aug 2023

Cattle– 1164   Inverell penned 1164 head which was 249 more than last sale. It was a fair to good quality offering with all buyers attending although not all exporters operated. It was a varied market with an emphasis on light and m... more details

Market Report 25 July 2023

25th Jul 2023

Cattle–  915 Inverell penned 915 mixed quality cattle which was a reduction of 262 from last sale. Young cattle dominated the offering which included a very good penning of heavy cows. An extra cow buyer attended with the usual buying gro... more details

Market Report 11 July 2023

11th Jul 2023

Cattle– 574 Inverell numbers reduced by 306 head to offer 574 very mixed cattle. Not all exporters attended and saw the heavy cow market slip while yearling cattle sold to varying trends dependant on quality. It was a good penning of weaners d... more details

Market Report 4 July 2023

4th Jul 2023

Cattle– 888 Inverell penned 888 mixed quality cattle which was 140 extra from last sale. Most buyers attended to a varying market which saw heavy cows dearer as well as medium feeder and processor heifers.   Light weaner steers sold ... more details