Market Report 17 July

17th Jul 2018

Cattle– 1540 The dry weather and a continuation of frosts saw cow numbers double, as well as a penning of early weaned calves. There was a good selection of yearling cattle, although quality was found to be lacking in the young cattle section.... more details

Market Report 10 July

10th Jul 2018

Cattle- 1107 There was a penning of an extra 648 head of very mixed quality cattle on the back of dearer trends from last sale. All categories rose in number, young cattle more so. The regular gallery of buyers, processors, feeders and restockers at... more details

Market Report 3 July

3rd Jul 2018

Cattle– 479 There was a rain affected market with local falls of 50-60mm. Numbers reduced by 625 head to 479 head of mixed quality cattle, penning mostly young cattle and cows. Cow quality lifted to see that category see substantial rises. All... more details

Market Report 26 June

26th Jun 2018

Cattle- Yarding– 1104                The yarding was down again this week, for a total of 1,104 head which is a reduction of 675 head. The yarding consisted of a good sup... more details

Bull Sale

20th Jun 2018

If you’re heading off to a bull sale, let the girls at the office know and they can pre register you prior to the sale.  ... more details

Market Report 19 June

19th Jun 2018

Cattle Sale- 1779 There was a larger yarding of 1,779 head, which was an increase of 750 head. The yarding consisted of a large percentage of weaners and yearling cattle, along with a good supply of cows. The yarding of young cattle consisted of a l... more details

Market Report 12 June

12th Jun 2018

Cattle- Yarding– 1029 This week saw 723 less cattle and quality lifting to pen 1,029 head. There was a useful penning of weaners, along with good drafts of yearling steers and good supplies of well finished cows, although that category halve... more details

Market Report 5 June

5th Jun 2018

Cattle- 1752 There were 438 more cattle penned for what was a very plain quality yarding. Cows again dominated the numbers, accounting for 30% of the offering. Young cattle also increased in numbers and sold to a cheaper trend through all categ... more details

Market Report 29 May

29th May 2018

Cattle- Yarding– 1314 Numbers reduced by 618 to pen 1,314 mixed cattle. There was only a slight decrease in cow numbers, but young heifers reduced by as much as 60%. Quality for the younger drafts slipped somewhat, however, there were well fi... more details

Market Report 22 May

22nd May 2018

Cattle– 1932          Numbers increased by 572 head with cows showing the major increase to pen over 700 head. Weaners and young cattle numbers remained static. Quality was mixed with pen 1 & 2 score... more details

Market Report 15 May

15th May 2018

Cattle-  1360 The number of cattle yarded increased by 400 for a total of 1,360 head. The main increase was in the young cattle section, with larger numbers of weaners and yearlings offered. Quality was mixed with mainly 1 and 2 score condition... more details

Market Report 8 May

8th May 2018

Cattle- 960  The number of cattle yarded was down by 500 for a total of 960 head. Yearlings and cows made up the largest percentage of the yarding. The yarding of young cattle consisted of a fair penning of weaners, and yearlings were we... more details

Market Report 1 May

1st May 2018

Cattle- Yarding– 1471 There was a slight reduction in numbers this week, mostly in young females. Yearling steers remained static and cow numbers increased, particularly in the 1 and 2 score grades. The regular gallery of buyers attended, al... more details

Market Report 24 April

24th Apr 2018

Cattle- 1510 Numbers at Inverell reduced by 677 to 1,510 head of very mixed quality cattle. Prices again saw an easing trend, principally for the plainer quality categories, which owing to the weather were in greater numbers. All but one export... more details

Market Report 17 April

17th Apr 2018

Cattle- 2187 There was a reduction in numbers and quality, for a penning of 2,187 mixed cattle, 690 less. Cows again saw big numbers contributing 30% of the penning, along with a good selection of young cattle, these principally going to the feeder ... more details

Market Report 10 April

10th Apr 2018

Cattle- 2877 Inverell penned 2,877 mixed quality cattle, an increase of 1,550 head due mostly to the prolonged dry conditions. All categories were represented, with cow numbers dominating at a little under half the penning. The usual buying gro... more details

Market Report 3 April

3rd Apr 2018

Vendor District Stock c/kg kg $ MCDONALD & LUCKETT BUKKULLA STEERS 280.20 685kg $1919 ALLAN TING TINGHA STEERS 274.20 615kg $1686 JW SMI... more details

Market Report 27 March

27th Mar 2018

Cattle- 1320 Inverell reduced numbers by 1,000 head to pen 1,320 mixed quality cattle. All categories penned less numbers, with the regular buying group attending, along with one extra processor. There were limited numbers of calves under 200kg... more details

Market Report 20 March

20th Mar 2018

Cattle Yarding-  2329 There was a big increase in all categories, with 817 extra cattle yarded in a mixed quality penning. Young cattle numbers dominated along with a good selection of cows and several pens of heavy, good quality grown heifers... more details

Market Report 13 March

13th Mar 2018

CATTLE SALE - 1512 Numbers increased by 435 head, in a penning of 1,521 mixed quality cattle. There were good numbers of yearling cattle, however, cows dominated the yarding with over 30% penned. All the regular buyers attended and operated, with fe... more details

Market Report 6 March

6th Mar 2018

CATTLE SALE– 1077 Numbers increased to total 1,077 mostly good quality cattle, an increase of 390 head. There was an increase in weaner numbers, similar yearling numbers penned and a good selection of heavy cows. The regular buyers attended as... more details