Market Report 7 May

7th May 2019

Cattle– 2254 Numbers were similar this week, with light rainfall through the local district by no means a drought saver. Cows dominated the penning, contributing half the numbers offered. Young cattle were well supplied, although there were la... more details

Market Report 30 April

30th Apr 2019

Cattle- Yarding–  2330 Inverell penned 358 extras to yard 2,330 mixed cattle from two weeks ago. It was a mostly plain quality penning, but included some well presented lines of weaners and yearling cattle, as well as drafts of grain as... more details

Market Report 16 April

16th Apr 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 1972 Inverell Agents yarded 1,972 head, easing by 790. Numbers decreased for most categories of cattle, although there was a good supply of young cattle and over 900 cows were sold. The yarding of young cattle consisted main... more details

Market Report 2 April

2nd Apr 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 2015 Numbers increased by close to 1,000 head, made up primarily of cows that accounted for over half the penning. A good quality yarding of yearlings came forward and this category saw trends rise for both steers and heifer... more details

Market Report 26 March

26th Mar 2019

Cattle– 1115 Numbers were similar, with the offering consisting of limited supplies of supplementary fed yearlings, along with a very useful penning of cows. The overall trends were dearer for any of the quality offering, although there were n... more details

Market Report 19 March

19th Mar 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 1100 Useful rain in the north of the state saw numbers reduce again this week, for a yarding of 1,100 head, a reduction of 360. The main reduction was in the yearling cattle and a few less weaners. Quality of the young cattl... more details

Market Report 12 March

14th Mar 2019

Cattle– 1460 There was a huge decrease in the number of cattle yarded at Inverell this week, totalling 1,460 head, a reduction of 2,400 head. The largest reduction was in the young cattle, with a few less cows. The yarding of young cattle cons... more details

Market Report 26 February

26th Feb 2019

Cattle– 2891 Numbers at Inverell increased for the young cattle offering, while reducing their cow numbers. The yarding for the most part remained plain in condition and quality, with the exception of a limited number of trade milk calves sold... more details

Market Report 19 February

19th Feb 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 2633 Slightly less numbers, cows dominating the offering with 60% of the penning. Many vendors looking to downsize herds, with no apparent improvement in climatic conditions in the short term. Leading on from this, there was... more details

Market Report 12 February

12th Feb 2019

Cattle– 2961   Numbers increased by over 500, with Inverell agents yarding 2,961 head. The yarding consisted of large numbers of yearling cattle, and cows were also in greater numbers. The offering of young cattle was mixed quality, comp... more details

Market Report 5 February

5th Feb 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 2440 The number of cattle yarded doubled for a total of 2,440 head. There was an increase in most classes of cattle, especially yearlings and cows. The yarding of young cattle consisted of a few more vealers and weaners, alo... more details

Market Report 29 January

29th Jan 2019

Cattle-1206 Numbers nearly halved at Inverell this week, for a yarding of 1,206 head of cattle, following two very large yarding in the previous weeks. The yarding consisted of a large percentage of young cattle, along with a good supply of cows. Th... more details

Market Report 22 January

22nd Jan 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 2370 Numbers decreased at Inverell despite very scattered rainfall through the area. Young cattle again made up the bulk of the numbers, which included some very plain conditioned and light weight cattle in the offering. The... more details

Market Report 15 January

15th Jan 2019

Cattle- 3187 Numbers lifted by 50%, made up principally of 2,000 young cattle and almost 700 cows, in a market area that has not received anything but limited storm rain over the north western section. Quality was reasonable, however, the numbers in... more details

Market Report 8 January

8th Jan 2019

Cattle- Yarding– 1612 Inverell numbers increased by 296 head for the first sale of 2019. The penning consisted of good numbers of quality feeder cattle, and a very good selection of cows. All the regular processors attended and operated, as ... more details