Market Report 20 July 2021

20th Jul 2021

Cattle– 453 A slight increase brought forward a very mixed quality penning which included a draft of Bos Indicus bred, P.T.I.C cows and weaners. The return of an exporter and the absence of another still saw a lift in the cow market. Feeder op... more details

Market Report 13 July 2021

13th Jul 2021

Cattle– 300 There was little change in the number of cattle for a total of 300 head. The yarding was made up mainly of young cattle and cows. Quality was mixed in the line up of young cattle with several pens of well bred steers and heifers su... more details

Market Report 6 July 2021

6th Jul 2021

Cattle– 320 Inverell agents yarded a smaller offering of 320 head of cattle, following some good falls of rain through out the supply areas. Young cattle and cows made up the largest percentage of the yarding. The yarding of young cattle consi... more details

Market Report 22 June 2021

22nd Jun 2021

Cattle– 773 It was a mixed penning of 773 plainer quality cattle that offered some cows and calves along with mostly red and blue tagged PTIC cows. There was very little on offer for processors looking for young cattle. Quality did not detract... more details

2022 Calendar Competition

17th Jun 2021

Lehman Stock & Property 2022 Calendar Competition  Winners photos will appear on the 2022 Lehman Stock & Property Calendar. Photos must demonstrate Australian Livestock & Property.   Competition Guidelines Only digi... more details

Market Report 15 June 2021

15th Jun 2021

Cattle– 384 Numbers reduced by half for all categories at the Inverell sale this week. There was the usual feeder and background competition with an emphasis on heavy yearling heifers going on to feed. Not all exporters were present, whilst th... more details

Market Report 8 June 2021

8th Jun 2021

Cattle– 672 Numbers increased slightly to offer a good selection of cows, with the bulk of the penning presenting some very well bred pens of yearling cattle. Not all exporters were present, but the return of an extra cow buyer saw that catego... more details

Market Report 1 June 2021

1st Jun 2021

Cattle– 480 Numbers reduced by better than half to offer a balanced number of most categories, although yearling heifer numbers were back by almost 200 head.This resulted in a rise in price trends for that category. Not all cow buyers were in ... more details

Market Report 27 April 2021

27th Apr 2021

Cattle– 543 There was a total yarding of 543 head which was down by just 37 head. The yarding consisted mainly of yearlings and cows. The penning of yearlings was of fairly good quality with a large percentage of well bred steers and heifers i... more details

Market Report 20 April 2021

20th Apr 2021

Cattle– 506 Numbers declined to offer a penning of large drafts of heavy weight cows, with one exporter absent. All the regular feeder orders were in place. Restockers were competing on the limited drafts of steer and heifer weaners. Steer wea... more details

Market Report 13 April 2021

13th Apr 2021

Cattle– 737 Numbers increased to a penning of mostly young cattle with a minimum offering of cows. A lack of quality through the young cattle impacted the draft of light weight restockers on offer. Feeder competition was good for the most part... more details

Market Report 6 April 2021

6th Apr 2021

Cattle– 244 Numbers reduced by well under half for the post Easter sale. All categories were affected, however a strong restocker panel pushed young cattle to dearer trends and the limited export gallery provided strong demand for the heavy co... more details

Market Report 23 March 2021

23rd Mar 2021

Cattle– 409 Numbers reduced slightly with cows and yearling heifers in the majority. Rain events of up to 90mm occurred through the drawing areas with a threat of more to follow. All the regular buyers attended with one exporter not operating.... more details

Market Report 16 March 2021

16th Mar 2021

Cattle– 464 The number of cattle yarded was down again this week for a total of 464 head. Yearling cattle made up the largest percentage of the yarding, along with a smaller penning of grown cattle. The yarding of young cattle consisted of a g... more details

Market Report 9 March 2021

9th Mar 2021

Cattle– 641 Storms through out the North saw numbers reduced by 381 for a total of 641 head of cattle. The yarding consisted of a large percentage of yearling cattle, while cows dominated the grown cattle section. The penning of young cattle c... more details

Market Report 2 March 2021

2nd Mar 2021

Cattle– 1022 Inverell agents yarded a few less cattle this week to total 1,022 head which was down by 335. The yarding consisted of a good supply of yearlings, and a few more vealers, while grown cattle were in fair numbers. Quality of the you... more details

Market Report 23 February 2021

23rd Feb 2021

Cattle– 1357 Inverell agents yarded 1,357 head, which was an increase of 221. Yearlings made up a large percentage of the yarding, while grown cattle were in fair numbers. The yarding of young cattle consisted of several runs of well finished,... more details

Market Report 16 February 2021

16th Feb 2021

Cattle– 1136 There was a yarding of 1,136 head of cattle, consisting of a large percentage of yearlings, while cows were well supplied. The yarding of young cattle consisted of a good quality offering of yearlings, which was a improvement on l... more details

Market Report 2 February 2021

2nd Feb 2021

Cattle– 1517 Inverell agents yarded 1,517 head in a very good quality line up of cattle. Yearlings were well supplied and there was a fair penning of grown heifers and cows, while grown steers were in smaller numbers. The yarding of young catt... more details

Market Report 19 January 2021

19th Jan 2021

Cattle– 673 Numbers increased to 673 at Inverell, with all the regular export processors present and operating on the quality line up of cows and heavy weight bullocks. All the usual feeder buyers operated along with a very large panel of loca... more details

Market Report 12 January 2021

12th Jan 2021

Cattle– 352 Agents penned 352 head for the first sale in 2021 at Inverell. All the regular processors were present but not all were operating. A full panel of restocker , feeder buyers and wholesalers were operating on good lines of feeder and... more details