Market Report 16 July 2024

16th Jul 2024

Cattle - 1004 Inverell penned 1004 good quality cattle with a larger offering of cows available. Trends improved throughout particularly with the cow category which saw a very marked improvement to top at 312c/kg.   Steers to background ga... more details

Market Report 9 July 2024

9th Jul 2024

Cattle – 1078 Numbers more than doubled for a yarding of 1078 head, consisting of a good supply of yearlings and increased number of weaner steers and heifers, while there was a good offering of cows.  There was a good quality penning of ... more details

Market Report 2 July 2024

2nd Jul 2024

Cattle - 520 Handy falls of rain over the supply area resulted in a reduced yarding of 520 head.  There was some good quality cattle through the sale , mainly in the weaners and yearling cattle lines.    The market improved for m... more details

Market Report 25 June 2024

25th Jun 2024

Cattle –676 Numbers halved for a yarding of 676 head, consisting mainly of weaner and yearling cattle and there was a good supply of cow’s.   Quality was very mixed although there was several pens of well bred young cattle thro... more details

Market Report 18 June 2024

18th Jun 2024

Cattle - 1366 There was a larger yarding of 1,366 head which was a increase of 327, consisting of a good supply of young cattle and a larger penning of cows.  Grown steers and heifers were in smaller numbers.  The yarding of young cattle c... more details

Market Report 11 June 2024

11th Jun 2024

Cattle - 1039 Numbers increased by 604 for a yarding of 1,039 head consisting of a good supply of young cattle and cows were also well supplied, while there was a small penning of grown steers ,and there was several pens of grown heifers.  ... more details

Market Report 4 June 2024

4th Jun 2024

Cattle – 435 Numbers were well down for a yarding of 435 head, consisting mainly of yearlings and a smaller penning of cows. Quality was mixed, although there was several lines of well bred and well finished yearling steers and heifers through... more details

Market Report 28 May 2024

28th May 2024

Cattle - 1276Inverell penned 1276 mixed quality cattle however not all buyers attended to varied market trends. Light yearling steers to background up 15c/kg with similar weights to feed on were 4c/kg better and selling 224c to 368c/kg. Steers in the... more details

Market Report 21 May 2024

21st May 2024

Cattle – 1279Inverell penned 1279 mixed cattle with not all regular buyers attending. Trends varied through the sale according to quality. Steer weaners slipped 13c/kg to restockers as did the heifer drafts although a lack of quality forced the... more details

Market Report 30 April 2024

30th Apr 2024

Cattle - 1034Inverell penned 1034 mixed quality cattle an increase of 454 head. There was a slight increase in the cow numbers. The regular buyers attended and operated in full to a much dearer market. Weaners were considerably dearer with restockers... more details

Market Report 23 April 2024

23rd Apr 2024

Cattle – 580Inverell reduced numbers considerably to 580 head with cows most affected decreasing over 1000 head. The regular buyers attended although not all exporters operated. It was a mixed quality offering with secondary cattle varying the ... more details

Market Report 16 April 2024

16th Apr 2024

Cattle - 2388Inverell penned 2388 head an increase of 940 cattle. Half the offering resulted in a very good penning of cows. Market trends were cheaper throughout with some drafts of lighter plain cattle not getting to 200c/kg. Light steers to restoc... more details

Market Report 9 April 2024

9th Apr 2024

Cattle – 1443 1443 cattle at Inverell 800 head extra with a large increase in cow numbers. The regular buyers attended to a significantly dearer market. Steer and heifer weaners sold to dearer trends 400c/kg and 352c/kg respectively. Light ste... more details

Market Report 2 April 2024

2nd Apr 2024

Cattle - 559It was another mixed quality offering with an increase of 292 head to 559 and included a lift in quality for the cow penning . Most buyers attended to a variable market. Light steers to feed on down 23c/kg with similar transactions throug... more details

Market Report 19 March 2024

19th Mar 2024

Cattle - 1040Inverell numbers declined in a mixed quality offering of 1040 head. The market reacted to varying trends with better bred drafts selling to dearer trends although lines of secondary cattle forced some categories into the negative. Most o... more details

Market Report 12 March 2024

12th Mar 2024

Cattle – 1796An increase in numbers to 1796 head saw trends soften significantly through all categories at Inverell. The regular buyers attended to compete with subduedpricing. Weaner steers sold in limited numbers 100c to 222c/kg. Light back-g... more details

Market Report 5 March 2024

5th Mar 2024

Cattle - 1137Trends slipped through most categories in a penning of 1137 mixed cattle at Inverell. Most operators competed with subdued competition. Background weaner steers 7c/kg cheaper light yearling steers also cheaper by 15c/kg to average 344c/k... more details

Market Report 27 February 2024

27th Feb 2024

Cattle – 1327 In a mixed offering of 1327 head at Inverell trends increased considerably through most categories. All the regular buyers operated with one abstainig from competition conversely there was an extra background operator in the mix.... more details

Market Report 20 February 2024

20th Feb 2024

Cattle - 1075 Except for a few categories Inverell saw cheaper trends for the most part of the penning of 1075 head. Regular buyers attended and operated with reduced competition on yearlings and cows however stronger trends resulted in the sales of... more details

Market Report 13 February 2024

13th Feb 2024

Cattle – 1093  Medium and heavy feeder steers at Inverell resulted in strong trends and light steers to background sold to considerable rises. With one exporter absent the usual buyers attended to a market of 1093 mixed quality cattle.&nb... more details

Market Report 6 February 2024

6th Feb 2024

Cattle - 1823 Inverell penned 1823 mostly good quality cattle which was 490 extra. The regular buyers attended although not all took part in the competition. Those who did operated to mixed trends. Steerweaners sold 320c to 402c/kg and considerably ... more details

Market Report 30 January 2024

30th Jan 2024

Cattle – 1333 Quality and weight improved at Inverell with 1333 head penned. There was significant demand for heavy feeders both steers and heifers with an emphasis on those categories to go on to a sixty day program for MSA qualification. The... more details