Market Report 2 April 2024

2nd Apr 2024

Cattle - 559
It was another mixed quality offering with an increase of 292 head to 559 and included a lift in quality for the cow penning . Most buyers attended to a variable market. Light steers to feed on down 23c/kg with similar transactions through the other feeder sales. Medium weights back 28c/kg to average 288c/kg. Light yearling steers to background were considera-bly dearer to average 340c/kg. Steers to process were substantially dearer. Light yearling heif-ers to restockers were 4c to 8c/kg dearer with the light feeders 230c to 284c/kg and medium weights to 280c/kg. Heavy cows were 3c to 7c/kg better and topped at 238c/kg. Sales of two score cows back 5c/kg. Heavy bulls were slightly dearer to 246c/kg.
Yarding – 2736 Lambs – 1601 Sheep – 1135
Inverell penned 1601 lambs and 1135 grown sheep 656 less than a fortnight ago. It was a good quality offering of heavy lambs as well as light and medium trade lambs. The regular buyers attended to a dearer market. Light Dorper lambs to restockers were $11/head dearer. Light Dorper lambs to the trade sold to $20/head better selling to $115/head. Trade Dorpers were slightly dearer and heavy trades lifted $12/head selling to $169/head. Heavy crossbred lambs back $6/head and extra heavy drafts sold $198 to $209/head. Heavy hoggets up to $34/head dearer. Medium Merino ewes sold $30 to $38/head and the heavy drafts to $60/head. Heavy Dorpers made $84/head and crossbreds to $100/head. A heavy draft of cross-bred wethers sold to $90/head and meat rams to $25/head.

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