Market Report 16 April 2024

16th Apr 2024

Cattle - 2388
Inverell penned 2388 head an increase of 940 cattle. Half the offering resulted in a very good penning of cows. Market trends were cheaper throughout with some drafts of lighter plain cattle not getting to 200c/kg. Light steers to restockers 220c to 368/kg. Liight feeders slipped 29c/kg making 174c to 350c/kg. Medium feeders while cheaper were better presented and did not loose the momentum as much as some of the plainer types. This category dropped 14c/kg selling 280c to 342c/kg. Heavy feeders 308c to 336c/kg. Light feeder heifers consider-ably cheaper 170c to 297c/kg. A big offering of medium weights were similar to the steer cat-egory only slipping 13c/kg and selling 158c to 250c/kg. Grown steers to 285c/kg and heifers 266c/kg. Cows took the brunt of the correction with medium weights dropping 47c/kg and the heavy cows back as much as 50c/kg to top at 220.2c/kg. PTIC cows made to 228c/kg.

Yarding – 2920 Lambs – 1616 Sheep – 1304
Inverell numbers were static at 2920 head comprising 1616 lambs and 1304 grown sheep. Prices lapsed for the most part although the quality of the offering was good. All the regular buyers attended as well as limited competition from restockers. Dorper lambs to restockers $100 to $116/head with light trades to $6/head better $88 to $115/head. Trade lambs sold $125 to $129/head. Heavy trade lambs slipped $6/head selling to $165/head. Lambs to 30kgs cwt $174 to $179/head and extra heavy lambs sold to $219/head. Sheep were dearer in places Merino ewes up $4/head selling to $52/head. Heavy crossbred ewes to $75/head and $25/head dearer. Merino wethers sold to $55/head.

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