Market Report 28 May 2024

28th May 2024

Cattle - 1276
Inverell penned 1276 mixed quality cattle however not all buyers attended to varied market trends. Light yearling steers to background up 15c/kg with similar weights to feed on were 4c/kg better and selling 224c to 368c/kg. Steers in the 280 to 330kg bracket sold to cheaper trends of 23c/kg with plainer quality types affecting the averages. Medium weight feeders were 9c/kg dearer to top at 340c/kg. Yearling heifers sold to a mostly cheaper trends with a lack of quality a factor. Light heifers to restockers and backgrounders resulted in a 24c/kg loss 230c to 280c/kg. Medium weight feeders slipped 18c/kg. Grown heifers significantly cheaper selling 200c to 246c/kg. All cows were subject to negative corrections. Medium weights back substantially and the heavy three and four score drafts averaging losses of 12c/kg selling 187c to 222c/kg. Buying demand for cows to the paddock slipped 23c/kg but still topped at 209c/kg.

Yarding – 3304 Lambs – 1600 Sheep – 1704
Inverell penned 1600 lambs and 1704 grown sheep totalling 1089 less than a fortnight ago. The offer-ing consisted mostly of trade lambs with the odd pen of heavy lambs and large drafts of grown sheep principally ewes. The regular buyers attended to a mixed market. Very light lambs to process $14/head dearer selling to $100/head. Restocker lambs sold to cheaper trends $55 to $100/head. Trade lambs were firm making to $152/head and heavy lambs slipped $5/head $187 to $191/head. No big numbers of extra heavy lambs and these were back $18/head to make $200/head. Hoggets sold $48 to $100/head. Cross bred ewes were dearer selling $66 to $100/head .Dorper ewes $56 to $70/head and a draft of Merino wethers sold to $110/head.

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