Market Report 12 March 2024

12th Mar 2024

Cattle – 1796
An increase in numbers to 1796 head saw trends soften significantly through all categories at Inverell. The regular buyers attended to compete with subdued
pricing. Weaner steers sold in limited numbers 100c to 222c/kg. Light back-ground steers considerably cheaper back 45c/kg however similar weights for the feeders made to 354c/kg and only 19c/kg back. Medium weight feeders slipped 12c/kg and heavy feeders sold 312c to 348c/kg. Heavy yearling steers to process sold to a correction of 17c/kg selling to 318c/kg. Heifers sold to much the same vein. Light heifers to background significantly cheaper up to 29c/kg the medium weight counterparts yielding 26c/kg 260c to 313c/kg. The heavy processing year-ling heifers cheaper by 21c/kg. Grown steers to process made to 266c/kg and the heifer drafts to feed back 11c/kg to make 315c/kg and the processing drafts slip-ping 12c/kg. All cow weights sold to cheaper trends with the heavy drafts losing 15c to 21c/kg and topped at 233c/kg. Heavy bulls also on the cheaper end of the market and made to 255c/kg.

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